Krug’s Tavern, Inc. is a family owned and operated business in Newark, New Jersey since March 1932. The tavern was founded by Frank and Laura Krug and has remained in the same location now being run by the fourth generation.

Frank and Laura had 3 children Frank, Robert and Edna who were all part of the business and helped until Frank Krug died. Edna and her husband Casper LaMotta continued running the business until 1980 when they turned it over to their children Frank and Gary LaMotta. Ellen LaMotta (widow of Gary LaMotta) is currently managing the business, Frank and Susan LaMotta are still business partners. Gary and Ellen have 3 children: Christina, Gary, Jr. and Joyce. Frank and Susan have 3 children Gina, Frank and Anthony. The great grandchildren of Frank and Laura are active in the business.

Anyone that visits Krug’s are sure to find Joyce on the grill, Christina bartending, Gary being a host and Frankie on the weekend – they are continuing the family tradition and making the family proud. The next generation is already learning the ropes Skylar Dior is often on the premises.

Krug’s Tavern is a neighborhood business that has with stood the years and changing of times in Newark. Proud to say employees have always been Newark resident’s and take pride in being part of a tradition of generations of Down Neck families. Krug’s has always been known for it homemade marinara sauce for shrimp and calamari s but lately it is well known our “burgers” it was written up by the Munch Mobile in 2010 and voted best burger in Northern New Jersey in 2011.

Krug’s tavern participates in various organizations in the Ironbound such as: Ironbound Little League, Ironbound Executives, Ironbound Irish, Ironbound Business District, Ironbound Ambulance Squad. We support the Newark Police and Fire Departments with various activities they run. We are proud to say we not only have returning customers from years ago but also new customers that have read
about Krug’s and our famous 12 oz. burgers and they come from all over the state. During the 1980 Presidential election we are proud to say President George HW Bush (running for Vice President) visited Krug’s and campaigned to a crowd in our parking lot.